Personal Contacts Educate Office Holders

By Charlene Komar-Storey

Today, “lobbyist” is often considered a dirty word. But lobbying — trying to convince a lawmaker to see your point of view on an important issue — serves a critical role in educating public officials on every level. And it’s not limited to expense influence peddlers on K Street in Washington. Every citizen should be a lobbyist for issues and causes he believes important, including those that affect his business.

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Times Call For Fresh Look at Security

By Phillip Lee

It may seem likely that as times get tougher, the toughs turn to robbery. But experts say that appearances can deceive.

Although at least one insurance company reports an increase in the push-in type of robberies, the consensus among experts is that check cashers aren’t seeing a dramatic hike in thefts due to the economy — yet. But many warn that may change.

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