Spam Alert

Have you been receiving CFPB spam?  Be on the lookout for emails which appear to originate from the CFPB, advising you that a complaint has been lodged against your company and asking you to “click here” or “open an attachment” for more information.


The CFPB has published a notice regarding malicious emails at:

While not a foolproof test (as spammers often hide behind what appear to be valid email addresses), if you “mouse over” the sender’s email address, you may be able to see that it is not from the CFPB — even though the logo, colors and presentation might lead you to conclude that it might be real.  Remember, that next click may lead you to dangerous and damaging malware, spyware, viruses or the like. Read the CFPB notice at the above link for more information.

Richard Kelsky 

Posted in Spring 2012.